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1.4MW YQW Gas-fired Thermal Fluid Heater for Medical Material Industry

2.1MW Horizontal Gas-fired Thermal Fluid Heater for Chemical Industry

In the R&D and production process of medical materials, sterilization and disinfection processes have put forward high requirements on temperature. The boiler can be said to be the indispensable important equipment in the medical industry. Nantong Kedi Medical Material Co., Ltd. is a professional company specializing in the research and development of medical materials such as dressings, designer materials, disposable medical consumables and surgical hygiene products.

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With the expansion of sales of medical materials and the expansion of production scale, Kedi Medical Material decided to update the important energy equipment of the production line and introduce the more energy-efficient gas-fired thermal fluid heater.

After learning the advanced production technology, scientific and rigorous testing methods and perfect after-sales service of us, Kedi Medical Materials immediately ordered the YQW series horizontal thermal fluid heater. The heater body adopts a three-pass circular tube structure, which is equipped with an advanced burner to ensure full combustion; the energy-saving device at the tail of the heater is designed to recycle the waste heat of high-temperature flue gas to achieve the goal of energy saving, consumption reduction and emission reduction.

At the same time, YQW series gas-fired thermal fluid heater also has complete operation control system and safety monitoring device, which can not only precisely control the working temperature, realize low-pressure high-temperature heating, but also realize unattended operation and greatly reduce operation and maintenance costs.

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