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2.1MW Horizontal Gas-fired Thermal Fluid Heater for Chemical Industry

2.1MW Horizontal Gas-fired Thermal Fluid Heater for Chemical Industry

The dyeing auxiliary is a chemical which enables a processing operation in textile preparation, dyeing, printing or finishing to be carried out more effectively, a boiler provides stable heat source for its production process. Wuxi Kailai Biotechnology Co., Ltd., established in 2001, is an enterprise specializing in developing and manufacturing textile dyeing auxiliaries. The improving performance requirements for textiles lead to a largely increasing demand for dyeing auxiliaries. Kailai Biotechnology decided to obsolete the backward productivity due to the need of enterprise's own development as well as complying with the policy requirements of environmental protection, Kailai Biotechnology planned to order one set of 1.8 million Kcal thermal fluid heater and use clean energy natural gas as boiler fuel.

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As one piece of important equipment of the production line, the thermal fluid heater has a direct impact on the quality of dyeing auxiliaries and the benefit of the whole enterprise. After a series comparisons of boiler suppliers, the director of Kailai Biotechnology was deeply impressed by the large-scale, specialized and fine production of us.

Taking the actual working conditions of Kailai Biotechnology into consideration, the sales manager of us provided one set of YQW series gas-fired thermal fluid heater (YQW-2100Q) for the company. This series of thermal fluid heater is equipped with an advanced low NOx burner, managing to ensure the full combustion of fuel and the NOx emission below 30mg/m3 ;

In addition, the thermal fluid heater adopts closed cycle heating, which has the characteristics of less thermal losses and remarkable energy saving effect; in conjunction with the energy-efficient equipment installed for the tail flue gas, the thermal efficiency of the heater can reach as high as 95%, the thermal fluid heater is not only energy efficient but also safe.

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